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Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones – Which is Better?

Introduction to Slot Games: Do you know that there’s an application or a kind of games, casino game to make it much precisely, that can make you rich in an instant when you luck strikes? If not, it is the online slot games. This online slot games can be played using your laptops, PC, and even your smartphones and because of that there’s a question that has been keep the online players wondering and it is the Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones – Which is Better? Below we will discuss this things to make it clearer for you. So, be sure that you will remember all this things below, and always keep them on your mind.

Rules of Playing Slot E-Games

This is one of the most important part before starting to play any kind of games especially when real money is involved. It is knowing the rules of playing slot e-games, even that, this is one of the important thing that a player should know, there are still so many people that is always ignoring this rules of playing and because of their wrong decision making for not reading those rules, they ended up losing lots of money. Also, this rules of playing slot e-games have other meaning like things you need to do when playing something like that and the first thing you need to do, is to know how to do money management. This money management is one of the most essential thing that a slot player needs to know in order to have much higher winning chance than those others who are not planning.

Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones – Which is Better?

Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones - Which is Better?

Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones – Which is Better?

Features of Slot E-Games for PC and Smartphones

Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones – Which is Better? Even in a land base casino, or in an online casino website, the features of the slot games doesn’t changed. But for those people who still doesn’t know any of them, you can have a chance to know the features of slot e-games for PC and smartphones here. The first feature of the slot games that will be going to discuss is the Random Number Generated term or (RNG) this feature is the one that is responsible for the reels combinations result. This RNG makes the slot game unpredictable and make them much exciting. Another feature of the slot games is the bonus feature, this bonus feature is composing of WILD, SCATTER, and BONUS symbols that will make you win huge amounts of money once the winning combinations of those symbols appears as a result of your spin.

For example, in some slot games, once the WILD symbols appears, you will have much higher chance of earning some money on that spin because WILD symbols appears, it acts like a joker for card games that will bring much higher winning chance and also with this wild symbol, hitting the big win or winning the progressive jackpot of the slot game becomes possible. For the BONUS symbol, if defines itself on how and what its function. In some slot games if there’s three BONUS symbol appears, you will have a chance to play some hidden game feature of the slot also known as the bonus game and the winnings are guaranteed for this bonus game or bonus round.

The next kind of bonus feature is the most difficult but can bring you really big amount of money is the SCATTER symbol. Once you spin the reels of the slot game and getting the required amount of scatter symbol, you can earn lots of free spins that will lead you in winning lots of money without using your bankroll.

Advantage and Disadvantage of PC Slot E-Games

When you are playing on an online casino than playing on a land base casino, you can experience lots of awesome advantages. For example when you play those online slot games using your personal computer, you can experience some of the advantages but don’t become so happy right away because there’s also some disadvantage of playing in PC. One of the advantage when playing in your PC is the time saving factor. Because you don’t need to travel anymore just to enter a land base casino to play the slot games you wants to play and you can be able to play any of the slot games you like even at your home, or even when there’s a free time or break time from your work. It is the biggest advantage of playing slot games from your personal computer. The main disadvantage of playing in your personal computer is when it will appears that you will hit the jackpot but somehow a power shortage occurs, your chance to become rich will become gone in a matter of seconds.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile Slot E-Games

Because of the modern technology, playing some gambling or betting games are now accessible thru mobile phones all you need is an internet connection whether it is a mobile data or WIFI access and of course a trusted online slot betting website. When all those things are all present, you can now start playing any kind of online slot betting games that you really want to play and it is one of the main advantage of playing online slot using your mobile phones or smartphones. Another advantage of playing in mobile is that, even you are always on the move, you can play any kind of slot games using your mobile phone. For the disadvantage of playing using your mobile phone is only the internet connection so be sure that the internet connection that you are using when playing slot games have so strong signal.


Both Pc and Smartphone have so many advantages from playing on a land base casino. But, in terms of which is better when playing online slot games whether PC or Smartphone, the smartphone will dominate the Personal Computer in many aspects. So, for the question Slot E-Games for PC or Smartphones – Which is Better? The answer is the Smartphones than PC.

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