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Physical Slot Games or Online – Which one to choose?

Slot games is very popular and one of the most played casino game. Many people who are engaged in this kind of industry loves to play this kind of game simply because it is entertaining and fun to play. Basically, physical slots can be found on a land based casino while online slots can be played through internet using any kinds of mobile devices such as mobile phones and personal computers. There are things that you can only experience in a physical slots and there are also things that can only be found in an online slot games.

But what are the similarities and differences of physical slot and online slot game? Physical slot games or online – which one to choose? Is there any difference or similarities in terms of features between the two? What are the factors to consider when choosing physical or online slots? All of that questions will be answered in this post. In this article, I will going to discuss the difference between the two in terms of their features. This article may help you on choosing between physical and online slot games.

Physical Slot Games or Online – Which one to choose?

Physical Slot Games on a Land Base Casino Features

Obviously, physical slots is a real slot game that can be played in any gambling house or casino. Some players called it a “fruit machine” or “one armed bandit”. When you play physical slots, you will notice that it only has 3 reels. Also the symbols in physical slots are limited because it depends on the mechanism of the machine. Usually, you can’t adjust your bet when you play physical slot games. Every physical slots in a real casino has bonus games that can be played by the players. While playing physical slots, you can feel the lively atmosphere because of the sounds, lights and noise that surrounds you.

Physical Slot Games or Online – Which one to choose?

Physical Slot Games or Online – Which one to choose?

In some real casinos, they are giving loyalty cards to the player that can be used to receive loyalty points when they play a certain casino game. The operators of a physical slot games in a casino don’t offer free slot. The money in a real casino can be deposited into the slot machine or can buy credits which can be inserted to the slot machine to play. It also accepts transactions through credit and debit cards. You can earn Comps when you play physical slots wherein you can get free hotel accommodation, free shows and foods.

Features of Online Slot Games

Many gamblers prefer to play slot games through online because it is more convenient and comfortable to play by the use of any kinds of mobile devices. You can play as long as you want and anywhere you want and save your time and money because you don’t have to travel just to play your favorite slot game. You can also choose any types of slot game you want without any hassle. Physical slots has only 3 reels and limited symbols but in an online slots, it has 5 reels and 50 to 60 symbols per reels. Unlike physical slots, online slot allows the players to play their slots for free, unless the player decided to play slots with money. Free plays may also guide the players how to play the slots properly and they will understand the true essence of slot game. There is no loyalty card needed in an online slot game. Online slots are also giving free tips for the players.

When you play an online slot game, you are able to adjust your bet to higher amounts. In other words, you can control your bets. Online slots offers progressive jackpots unlike physical slots. The money of the players of online slots is safer and more secured than because all online players has personal accounts wherein the points they got by playing will be added automatically. Just like physical slots, online slot accepts transactions through credit and debit cards, but no excessive fees. You can also enjoy your online slot game experience because of the themes of online slots, either in 2D or in 3D graphics. Online slots has more advanced graphics nowadays. Online slots has some bonuses like Sign-up Bonuses and other kinds of bonuses.

Factors to Consider when Choosing

It is quite difficult to choose between the two because of their similarities and differences in terms of features and offers. Both slots has a good qualities that makes it harder for the player to choose what kind of slot is the best one to play. Before choosing a slot game whether it is physical or online slots, you have to consider some factors.

These are some factors to consider when choosing a perfect slot game:

  • You have to consider the benefits that you can get when you play physical or online slots.
  • You also have to consider if physical online slot can met your satisfaction in terms of enjoyment and entertainment.
  • The convenience while playing is also a factor you must consider. You also have to consider which one is worth your time and money.
  • The most important factor is, you have to consider the promotions and bonuses that they are offering.

Which one is better?

It is really hard to choose whether physical slots or online slots. They both have different kinds of features and advantages that makes it hard to choose. All of their features are perfect to any slot players who wants to play slot games. Both of them has a qualities of a perfect slot that is fitted to anyone.

In the end, the final decision is all up to you whether you choose physical or online slots. Both slots have different advantages and offers different promotions that a certain player can enjoy. As long as you enjoyed and feel satisfied, it doesn’t matter if you choose physical slots or online slot games. You just have to enjoy the game whether in a land-based or through online. That’s all that matters.


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