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Is It Possible to Cheat Mobile Slot Machines?

Online slot is played by most of the gamblers all over the world. The reason behind its popularity is the excitement and it is really fun to play. Not only that, you can get high profit or huge prizes by simply playing this online game. But, is it possible to cheat mobile slot machines? What are the ways of doing that? Is there anyone that is capable of doing such a thing?

All of those questions will be tackled in this post. The reasons why many people in this industry are always trying to do that thing.

Why many people look for ways to cheat on slots?

When you are a gambler, of course, your mindset is to win and earn money. By playing slot games, you have a chance to get huge prizes and earn a lot of money. And because of that, many gamblers are doing unnecessary things such as cheating in order to win and earn an easy money.

When you are playing online slots, no one is watching you unlike when you are playing slot games in a real gambling house. Some online player thinks that they can do whatever they want simply because there is no one who watches them. Online slots can played using any mobile devices, so some players are free to do anything. Some players are not contented on the earning they got. Many people that are playing online slot games are blinded by the prizes they could get, that’s why they are always trying to make some bad things such as cheating just to win and earn an easy money.

Is It Possible to Cheat Mobile Slot Machines?

Is It Possible to Cheat Mobile Slot Machines?

Popular ways to cheat in the past

Even before, cheating is not new to the game of slots. There are plenty of slot cheats in the past that are used by the people who wants to earn a lot of money in an easy way. Some of those cheats are:

Monkey’s Paw – is a slot machine device that is created by a “legendary casino cheater” Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Monkey’s paw is a piece of steel with a claw-like hook at the very end. Is was used for thieving slots. It works by being stuck in the payout chute and pushed to the coin release door. This cheating device can interfere with the counter and make the machine payout more than usual.

Coins on a string – is one of the oldest cheating devices used in slots. Players who are using this cheating device are using real coin and tie a string on it. Players who are using this can play slots without spending any amounts. They are just inserting the coin on a string and pull it back to them.

Mini lights – this cheating device uses lights and optics just to interfere with a slot’s sensors. Mini lights consists of a small battery on one end and an LED on the other end. It can make the machine blind and the machine will over pay.

Coat hangers – One simple way of cheating slots in the past. Coat hanger is stick into the machine with a type of mechanical coin counter.

Counterfeit tokens and shaved coins – is an act of using false casino tokens or coins and putting them into the machine. Sometimes, it fools the machine by thinking that you are actually using real money.

Pros and Cons of cheating online slots

If there’s an advantages, of course, there is always a disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of cheating online slots:


  • There are times that cheating works especially when you did a study about the game and you mastered the cheat you used.
  • You don’t have to use huge amounts of money in order to win.
  • You can have an easy win and money by the way of cheating.
  • It can be a life changer when it succeed.


  • Anyone who knows what you are doing won’t believe in any words you say.
  • You will lose the respect of others.
  • It can destroy your image and reputation as a player and as a person.
  • You will be considered as thief because you earn money without spending any large amounts
  • The worst scenario that could happen to you when you cheated online slots and some authorized person caught you in the act is you have to spend your times in the prison and you have to pay the fines that are much bigger that the prize you got by cheating.

How to use hacks with mobile phones?

Before we proceed on how to use hacks with mobile phones, we have to know what phone hacking is. Phone hacking can be defined in many ways. Phone hacking is an action of getting information or data in another phones without their authority.

Online slots is very popular among all the online gamblers around the world. It is no surprise that there are some players who attempts to hack online slots using mobile phones. Online slot games is operated by an RNG or random number generator so it means that every spin is unplanned. With RNG, it is almost impossible to cheat slot games. And the only way to do it is by downloading a software which is programmed for all online slots. And by doing this, hacker could predict the outcomes of the slots using mobile phones.


This article shows that cheating online slots is the dumbest thing that an online player could do. Maybe cheating in online slots is possible but it is the lowest thing that any person could do. Every player should play online slots fairly. More negative results could happen than positive when you do such thing. Online slot games is made for everyone who wants to have fun and relax while earning money. You don’t have to cheat in order to win the game. There is no shortcuts to success. Have faith and believe on your luck and have the right decisions. When you attempt to do a bad things like cheating, you will be the one who is going to suffer in the end.


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