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Different Types of Slot Machine Games

Many players of online casino games loves to play slot games. But some of them do not know the different types of slot machine games that they are playing. There are plenty of slot games in online casino. Usually, it entertains their players with their different kinds of themes and obviously, it is fun to play. You can get lots of prizes by playing this type of online game that is why many players fell in love with this game. In this post, I’m going to discuss the types of slot machine games.

Different Types of Slot Machine Games

Classic 3-Reel Slot Games

Traditionally, slot machines are based on 3-reel slots. This type of slot is made of much complicated mechanism that has physical wheels with symbols. It is the easiest and simplest type of slot machine. It is part of slot machine game since it was invented. It is also known as “One-armed bandit” derived from the past mechanical slot machine with a lever pulled by the player to start a spin. The moment you click spin, the RNG (random number generator) will stop the reels on the symbols that land across the single one. Usually, this type of slot take a three coins per spin. The most popular and well-known classics are Original Red, Blue and White slots. It has 3 reels and only 1 payline. Classic 3-reels has unique symbols unlike other slot games. You can see fruit based symbols such as melons, cherries and oranges.

Different Types of Slot Machine Games

Different Types of Slot Machine Games

5-Reel Slots

So far, this is the most popular slot game. It gained the interest of the players because of its themes, mini-games and bonuses that you can get once you play this type of slot game. Since we are talking about themes, it has themes like movies, aliens, TV sitcoms, cartoons, and many more. 5-reel slot machine features 20 payline.

3D Slot Machines

In this type of slot machine, the graphics of this slot is look like the screen that is in 3D. You don’t have to wear 3D or any special glasses to play this type of slot because you can see with your naked eye the 3D graphics of this game. Most game developers uses the best software to improve the quality of the graphics, animation, images, and even sound effects of the game to keep the players interested and entertain every single one of them.  The chat feature is one of the features of 3D slots and it is popular to the players because it helps establishing of friendship among the players. The main purpose of this type of slot is to make the appearance or things on the screen to look more realistic, like you can touch the objects inside.

Fruit Slot Machines

It was 1950’s and 1960’s when it became popular in Britain. At that time, it was called “Fruit Machines”. Usually, it has 3 reels and 5 paylines. The reels of this type of slot has different kinds of fruit such as plums, strawberries, lemons, oranges and cherries. Unlike other types of slot games, fruit machine are more skill based. Cash ladder and bonus board are some of the reasons of its popularity to the players. Cash ladder is an example of common bonus game. The event triggers a cash ladder win is usually related to the bonus trail while bonus board is the one which you can spin a special number reel or rolling a set of dice.

Video Slots

The one who created the modern-day video slot machine was Walt Fraley in 1975. Before, it was not that popular to the players because of the kind of technology back then. At that time, it was dubbed as “Fortune Coin”. It is totally different from other types of slots but the setup is similar. It has no moving parts at all unlike other slot machines, instead, it has a graphical representation appears on screen. It can have 30 up to 100 paylines. It can be played in both land based and online casinos. Typically, video slots encourage the player to play multiple lines. The more the player play more lines, the more likely he can win and get more money, even though he is betting more in the first place.

Progressive Slots

Most slot machines have fixed amount of jackpot. But in this type of slot, the jackpot rises as you put more coins and spin the wheel. Progressive slots has three types:

Local Progressive Classic 3-Reels Slot Games

  1. Standalone Progressives – is a type of progressive slot that has a jackpot ticker. Only bets placed on that machine feed the jackpot. Usually, the jackpot can get in this type of slot is $10,000.00
  2. Local Progressives – is the evolution of this type of slot machine. It is commonly found nowadays. Usually, under $1,000,000.00 or $100,000.00 is the jackpots available in this type of progressive slot.
  3. Wide Area Network Progressives – It is the most popular type of progressive slots today. It links other slot machines from casinos all over the state which allows the jackpot to collect huge amount of money. Usually, $1,000,000.00 to $10,000,000.00 is the jackpot of this slot.

The amount of jackpot in this type of slot can increase up to huge amount in a short period of time.

Online Slots

It is the most recent invention of a slot game. In this modern age where technology can be found anywhere, online slots is very popular and played by the most online slot players. Online slots are played using your computer or mobile phone via internet. Using any of your mobile devices, you can play slots online by simply downloading it to any game downloading app. The purpose of this type of slot game is for the players to become comfortable and play whenever and any place they want.


With these different types of slot machine games, you can fulfill your satisfaction and win jackpots in any type of slots you want. Whether it is a classic or modern type of slot, each type has an exciting prizes that you can get by playing any of those types.

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